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How to install the Voip Tunnel (Windows XP)

Download and install the VOIP tunnel software from this link:

Once you have installed the program, open the VoipTunnelClient configuration file (named VTCConfig). Follow the guidelines below for setup:

1. ‘Tunnel server IP number’ field: Enter the server ip address which holds your account information (you will need to ask us what this is).
2. ‘Tunnel server port’ field: Enter 1805.
3. ‘Dummy SIP signalling IP number’ field: Enter your private IP address (details to find this are shown below marked with a * )
4. ‘Dummy SIP signalling port’ field: Enter 5060 or 6060 (make sure this matches the SIP port on your ATA homepage).

Once the fields are complete save settings and exit.

Now open the VOIP Tunnel Client.

The information previously entered will show here and you should see some packet activity. You will need to put your own private IP address* into the proxy field on your ATA homepage.

Once you have done this, making sure the ports match as described above and that all your account information is accurate, you can save changes and the account will show as online. It is now working through the tunnel program.

If you find that the tunnel is running ok but the ATA is not connecting to the server then simply power off the ATA device and then power it back on, it will then recognise the change to the settings.

*You find your IP address by going to your start menu and selecting Run... you then type cmd and press ok. This will open another window.

Here you enter ipconfig –all (ipconfig<space>-all)and this will give you network connection information. You need to use the ‘IP Address’. Make sure you use the whole number including dots, for example;
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