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We operate a very simple, easy-to-use quality based Call-back service from almost any country, designed for repeat customer account business. The service can either be DID(DDI) based where each customer has a unique access number OR *PIN based with a common access number where CLI/ANI is reliably passed or a GSM device can capture it.

  • Excellent Call Quality and Connectivity
  • Competitive rates
  • If you prefer not to set your own ratesheets, we can give reseller margins
  • Fast call-back and fast dialling - no need to enter # at the end of the number.
  • Excellent Customer Service and Fast fault resolution

How it works - DDI based

You register your customers' telephone number on our system, using the Reseller Management System (RSM)

How it works
- *PIN based
(Not supported currently)

With the PIN method, the customer number is automatically registered after the first call.

RSM Control Panel

The RSM allows you to control customer balances, activations, recharges (top-ups) view call records enter customer callback number etc. Calls are triggered by calling a UK (0044) or other international phone number, allowing it to ring once or twice and then hanging up. Our system then phones back the registered number and opens a line so that the caller can then make his destination call.

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"I can call Bangladesh
Mobile with Call-Back service from my UAE cellphone from only 19.8c US!!
OR using the VOIP Mobile Dialle, from only 2.99c US!!"
"And I can call India with Call-Back service from my Zambia Mobile from only 15cUS!
OR, using the VOIP Mobile Dialler for only 0.99c US!!
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