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Callshops, Cafes, VOIP - Best Business Opportunity
Callshops and internet cafes are businesses with high speed internet connectivity which are normally run from commercial premises and offer a low-cost telephone service to customers. Calls are much cheaper than other telecom services because there is no access cost. VOIP services can also be re-sold to home-users and businesses. We believe this is the best telecoms opportunity for resellers because it uses the latest VOIP technology: call-rates will always be competitive with the main telecom networks in all countries. more info
How can easy-dial help?
easy-dial provides different SIP based internet service solutions - depending upon cost and size, and the speed of the internet connection available to carry calls to our exchanges in London. We can advise on all aspects of setting up the business - from internet requirements (including satellite connectivity), to equipment and software. We can purchase, preconfigure and deliver the equipment to you as one overall cost, and we will provide technical back-up. We can also assist with preparing a business plan for your bank or financial backers. If you have an existing callshop arrangement, it may be possible to help you reconfigure and upgrade the hardware so you can use our service.
Is it legal?
In some countries a telecommunications monopoly still exists, and the way that callshops and cafes operate may or may not be lawful. easy-dial cannot be responsible for the status of such businesses. Each reseller must determine his own legal position.

I can call Saudi Mobile with easyVOIP from only 12.9c US per minute and Egypt Mobile from only 6.9c!

And Bangladesh for 2.9c US and India from only 1.09c US and Pakistan frpm only 4.49c US!!
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