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Run your Own Phonecard Business -
with unbeatable VOIP Callshop Rates!

You can now run your own highly profitable calling card buiness using the Quintum AX/cardsaver software shown at this page.

Always Competitive

Because the delivery of calls to our exchange is by using your own high speeed internet connection - the same as for an internet cafe or callshop - your reseller rates (call costs) will be the same as our callshop rates. Therefore whatever is done by your competitors, and the local networks, they will find it very difficult to match your prices!

Local Access Numbers - The quintum cardsaver allows you to run local calling cards with local access landline or mobile numbers - or freephone access numbers if available from your PSTN. So this means that instead of expensive call-back products, which use two call legs, there is only one direct call made by the customer from his phone to your access number - which he pays for, unless you can provide a freephone no.
Main Advantages

The customer calls directly to your access number, which terminate directly onto the Quintum server(s). There is only one call leg, so less to go wrong and more profit to be made. The calling cards are printed by you in local language and in local currency, and they will have PINs. Customers can buy vouchers to re-charge the PINs. You decide the denominations ($10, 500 Naira etc.) and you decide what to charge your customers.
For more information about the calling card service, please complete our enquiry form. For specific questions about call-back, contact us at

I can call Egypt Mobile with easyVOIP from only 6.9c US per minute!!

New dialler - with inbuilt VPN

And Bangladesh for 3.25c US and India from 1.09c US

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