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Information about our new Mobile Dialler!!

Introduction - New Mobile Dialler -July 2011!

Our Mobile Dialler supports handsets running with Symbian software and programming. These will be mostly 3G Nokia handsets, so that the phones can access the internet.

The handsets that we believe operate with our dialler are listed here: Nokia unless otherwise specified.
The first step is to download the new dialler from here to the mobile phone software on your PC - usually Nokia PC suite or equivalent. Connect the phone to your PC and import the dialler programme. This will usually be installed as one of the programmes under the "Applications" section on your handset. When the Mobile Dialler programme is selected on the handset, you will first need to register using your voip account username and password. A number of connection options will be available, which can include WLAN, GPRS, WAP, Internet, Java and MMS. WIFI and 3G provide the best quality connection to the internet, followed by EDGE and GPRS. The poorer the connection, the less likely it is for the dialler to be able to use the service.
On successfully registering to your account - which means that access to the internet has been achieved - you will see a dark blue registration screen with the account username and credit balance showing at the bottom. Calls can then be made by dialling the number on your phone keypad. After the call is made, the duration and cost is shown. "Options" allows access to change your account set-up parameters and to your call information. "Contacts" will allow you to search your handset memory for your regular contact information.

Important Note:

Make sure you uninstall any other mobile diallers as they may interefere with this dialler.
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